Plants a la carte - Interior Plant Design and Care
Plants a la carte - Interior Plant Design and Care
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1. We will meet with you to listen carefully to your vision for your space; asking questions about your aesthetic preferences, how the space must function, how we can complement the rest of the interior design, and budget and time guidelines. We will want to know where the visual foci should be, how the foot traffic flows, what sound and privacy issues can be addressed, and how plants can help and not hinder personal interactions, collaborations, meetings, etc.

2. We use our field experience, research and knowledge to outline all possibilities, given your preferences, budget and timelines. Our horticultural expertise will determine the choices offered in a plan in which the plants are suited to the light and other physical conditions of the spaces and the containers are both complementary to the overall vision and functional to insure no damage to any surfaces in the building. Our plants are selected from premier growers in Florida, California and Hawaii, and we deal with distributors of the best professional decorative containers, offering a vast array of choices. These extensive contacts allow us to provide the best, most current products to meet your needs.

3.  We provide a proposal to you with options of different looks and prices. Often we submit at least two spreadsheets with different plant and container choices, comprising both low and higher price ranges, all of which will complement your space professionally. You will get pictures of your offices, lobby, cafeteria – wherever you are considering plants -- with digitally inserted images of plants to give you the precise visual look we are proposing.
4. With the pictures and figures clearly showing your choices, you are free to mix and match your preferences based on budget and aesthetics. We will continue to make revisions until the final proposal matches your desires and needs perfectly.


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