Plants a la carte - Interior Plant Design and Care
Plants a la carte - Interior Plant Design and Care
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An essential element of having beautiful healthy plants is choosing the correct varieties for your environment, and preparing them correctly to optimize their acclimation to the conditions in your space.

We carefully inspect the plants in our Plant Room, custom potting for the specific environment in your space, taking into account the lighting, humidity and other variables. They are pruned to maximize their use of light, treated with biological nematodes to prevent a common plant pest, and leached for soluble salts. Only then are they ready for installation in their chosen decorative containers, ready to grace your space for years.


A uniformed service technician continues to visit to maintain the health and beauty of the plants. The technician attends to all the plants' horticultural needs, including watering, fertilizing, pruning and turning. The aesthetic value of the plantings is maintained with trimming and cleaning of the plants and the decorative containers. Debris is removed and the mulch layer checked. Plants à la carte technicians are continuously trained with monthly staff meeting and gladly share their professional knowledge about interior plants with your staff.

The technician can sign in or check in with the client every maintenance visit, if desired, to answer questions, gain access to all the plants and to receive and give pertinent information. The owner of Plants à la carte (or a supervisor) will also make regular visits to your premises -- checking the plants, answering any questions or providing free horticultural advice. If you have any questions, needs or concerns, you will receive rapid response by phone, email or in person, whichever you prefer.

We are committed to addressing the few insect and disease problems that arise with non-toxic treatments. Biological and mechanical methods and regular cleaning agents are the most effective and healthiest preventatives. We have a licensed applicator for pesticides in the very rare case that they are needed.

Plant Rehabilitation

As the staff of Plants à la carte has become expert at the techniques of plant care, we have been successful in taking over accounts previously serviced by other companies; markedly improving the health and appearance of the existing plants. We do rehabilitation work on old plants at customers’ requests, a practice rarely seen in the interior landscaping business. At the same time, we replace any plants that have fallen below professional standards. We take pride in replacing plants before clients notice the necessity for it. If plants must be discarded, they are usually composted for local exterior plantings.


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